Cottage Classes

Training for Triumph (TFT) offers cottage classes for home schoolers in and around the Fort Wayne, Indiana area. Cottage classes are essentially “co-op classes” in which the parents do not teach but rather pay for Training for Triumph teachers to teach. They are to be additions to what you are already doing in your home school - not in place of your home school. We want families to know up front that we are “home schooling all the way” - and in no way want our cottage classes to replace the wonderful things you are doing in your own home school.

With that said, there are certain classes and subjects that parents desire help with in their home schooling. Sometimes a mom wants help in teaching composition (especially in editing and revising students’ essays); sometimes a mom has several children to teach and putting a child into a US Government class or math class helps alleviate the pressure that year; some classes are best done as a group (such as speech and debate classes); etc. Training for Triumph’s cottage classes are provided for those instances.

Currently, we are offering complete language arts classes for second through twelfth grade students in our learning center near Ossian, Indiana one day a week. In addition, we offer select classes (Algebra I, biology, high school speech, research paper, and high school composition) in our center. In addition, we have one day a week in which we utilize another facility and offer many different classes in south west Fort Wayne and Auburn, Indiana.

Fort Wayne CQLA Day: 2012 - 2013 Information Registration Form

Starting in the Fall of 2012, TFT will offer complete language arts one day per week in the Fort Wayne area.

Leo, Indiana: 2012 - 2013 Information Registration Form

We are going to northeast Fort Wayne the second semester! Students from Auburn, Dupont, Grabill, Leo, and north FW will all be less than twenty minutes from this location. Joshua and Donna will both be teaching there, so we have a lot to offer! Some classes are full already, so call or email before sending registration form.

Ossian, Indiana: 2012 - 2013 Information Registration Form

Our second semester classes have been developed! Join us in Craigville/Ossian for cottage classes. Note that we have never offered Literary Analysis (for high school) or US History (for high school) at this location, so take advantage of these classes in January. Also, we seldom offer the Elementary/Middle School Speech in Ossian, so join us for this one too!

Correspondence writing classes: Information Registration Form

Other Cottage Class Information:

Complete Class List With Descriptions

Live a couple of hours from FW and interested in a TFT teacher coming to your area? Call us 260-597-7415

Please see our contact information for any specific questions about our classes.