About CQLA Spelling Notebook

The Spelling Notebook was originally written for the Advanced Training Institute (ATI) to correlate with Wisdom Booklet Language Arts (the sister curriculum to CQLA). It is now available to non-ATI families through Training for Triumph—for families who use CQLA or families who just desire a spelling categorization system.

I designed the Spelling Notebook after seeing and using Gayle Graham’s Tricks of the TradeSpelling Notebook. The Spelling Notebook contains ninety-six spelling rules taught in WBLA/CQLA in the same order in which a child would normally learn spelling rules in a word-family and phonetic spelling approach. It has a complete Table of Contents in the front listing the rule and sample words for each page to help the teacher and/or student quickly find the page. In addition, each page of the Spelling Notebook has an explanation of the rule at the bottom in the form of “Teacher Tips.”

The Spelling Notebook can be used in a few different ways. First of all, it correlates with WBLA/CQLA. This means that each weekly spelling lesson in WBLA/CQLA tells the student to write his or her spelling words for that week in the correct column on the Spelling Notebook page(s) listed in that week’s lesson.

Secondly, it may be used with any other spelling program to further cement spelling learning. When a student learns igh and ight words in a given week, he would turn to the igh/ight page of the Spelling Notebook and record his spelling words under the correct column. In this way, the student is constantly thinking about spelling patterns, categorizing words by their spelling commonalities, and grouping like words. With either of the first two methods of use, at the end of a student’s many years of language arts, he will have the entire Spelling Notebook filled in with words following the ninety-six spelling rules. (And each year, as he adds new words to his notebook, he connects the new words to prior words he learned containing that rule.)

Lastly, I use the Spelling Notebook when I am teaching a child to read. He or she writes words under each column on each page as he learns each phonetic rule. The Spelling Notebook uses the word-family approach to teach spelling—which is the optimal way to learn to read, as well. Thus, the student learns all the short a families at one time - the ad, ab, ack, am, an, etc. This writing/reading connection (in a limited fashion for the reluctant writer or young boy) works well to further cement phonics sounds learned for reading.

The Spelling Notebook is available from Training for Triumph for $20.00. A student only needs one Spelling Notebook for several years of spelling learning since it covers all ninety-six rules. (If it stays in one piece, he could use the same one from when he learns to read in first grade all the way through twelfth grade, or whenever his spelling studies end.) When a student is in Level Pre A, he will use the first portion of the book to record words he learns that year; later, he will use more and more of the Spelling Notebook as he learns more spelling rules and words.