About CQLA Teacher's Guide

Character Quality Language Arts (CQLA) was first developed as a curriculum for families with several children in school at one time. In other words, it was created to be as family-friendly as possible! Thus, there are Teacher’s Tips scattered throughout the curriculum to give more insights to the CQLA teacher. (These may be read and used by Level B and C students on their own as well.) There are Teacher’s Helps and Answer Keys at the back of each monthly unit for the CQLA teacher to pull out and use as needed (or for Level B and C students to use as their daily schedule and answers). These Teacher’s Helps are two pages of five day and four day lesson plans that tell you (or your upper level students) what to do each day. The Answer Keys vary in length according to the number and length of the grammar and structural analysis lessons in each monthly unit.

Thus, there are not separate “teacher’s guides” for each book. Instead, separate “teacher’s guides” for each book are replaced by Teacher Tips throughout, Teacher’s Helps at the back of each monthly unit, and Answer Keys at the back of each monthly unit. The CQLA Teacher’s Guide is an inexpensive guide to using Character Quality Language Arts. It contains an overview of the entire program, a “how to” section to instruct parents in how to use the program, a book report guide, complete set of grammar cards (all the grammar rules learned in CQLA on “cards” in alphabetical order), the master Checklist Challenge (showing all editing and revising items taught in CQLA from all levels), a Scope and Sequence chart showing what is taught in which unit, a Content Area and Character Quality Overview Chart (also available at this web site) indicating what Bible and character principles each unit covers, a Frequently Asked Questions section (huge!), a guide to citing sources, a guide to coding/highlighting Checklist Challenge revisions in essays, a detailed homophone chart, a sample from a Level B unit, and a cassette explaining the program (that correlates with the Level B sample)

This entire Teacher’s Guide is for the CQLA teacher to learn to use the program. It is not specific to any one level or any one CQLA book. (Those items are in the Teacher’s Helps and Answer Keys at the end of each unit.) At only $23.00, it is a great way to learn more about CQLA with a minimum investment for those considering making a switch from several other curriculum materials to the all-in-on Character Quality Language Arts. It truly is a writing/grammar handbook, so you can't go wrong with this item!

CQLA Teacher's Guide Samples

We have provided several sample portions of the CQLA Teacher's Guide for you to get acquainted with our materials and to help you determine if CQLA is right for you.

Chapter 1: Overview of CQLA (R pages 4-11)
Chapter 2: How to Use CQLA (R pages 12-17)
Chapter 3: Frequently Asked Questions (R pages 18-51)
Chapter 7: Vocabulary Information   NEW!
Chapter 9: KWO, Plagiarism, and Passages (R pgs 126-131)
Chapter 18 - Character Quality and Content Area and Overview Sheets (R pages 206-233)
Chapter 19 - Scope and Sequence Charts (R pgs 234-281)
Appendix B - Sample Spelling Notebook (R pgs 316-323)