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Character Quality Language Arts

The samples provided here are from the CQLA Blue Series. This spring all three colors of CQLA will be available - Red, Blue, or Green. Check out the Teacherís Guide pages (ALL Products - TG) to determine which color you would like to use, based on the character qualities you would like to study. There are one month samples of all CQLA levels (below) and three week samples of all MC levels (below).

Character Quality Language Arts

Meaningful Composition

Meaningful Composition

Meaningful Composition Book 4 I
Table of Contents
Week 9: Beginning Paragraph Writing
Week 16: Multiple Paragraph Essays

Meaningful Composition Book 4 II
Table of Contents
Weeks 3 and 4: Multi-Paragraph Animal Report Via KWO
Week 6: Key Word Outline and Strong Synonyms

Meaningful Composition Book 5 I
Table of Contents
Week 3: Key Word Outline Essay From Given Material
Weeks 8 & 9: Original Informative Report

Meaningful Composition Book 5 II
Table of Contents
Week 3: KWO Essay and Personification
Weeks 7 and 8: Informative Creative Writing Essay

Meaningful Composition Book 6
Table of Contents
Week 1: How to Create and Write From a Key Word Outline
Weeks 4 and 5: Original Informative Report

Meaningful Composition Book 7 I
Table of Contents
Week 14: Key Word Outline Essay
Week 15 and 16: Original Informative Research Report

Meaningful Composition Book 7 II
Table of Contents
Introducing Story Writing: The Very Short Story
Historical Dialogue

Meaningful Composition Book 8 I
Table of Contents
Weeks 9 and 10: Informative Research Report
Week 11: Key Word Outline Essay

Meaningful Composition Book 8 II
Table of Contents
Weeks 9: Key Word Outline Report
Week 12 and 13: Persuasive Essay in 1-3-1 Format

Meaningful Composition Book 9
Table of Contents
Week 3 and 4: Report II Agriculture Product(s)

Meaningful Composition Book 12
Table of Contents
Weeks 1 and 3: The Research Paper